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Painting by Annette Cirillo

Annette Cirillo.JPG
Annette was born in San Diego and has remained true to her roots.
I was a salon owner, cosmetologist for 35 years. In my active career as a hair stylist, I was involved in the creative aspect of fashion shows and teaching the art of hair color and chemical services to other hairstylists.  since I grasped the knowledge of the color wheel I felt the possibilities were endless.
My passion for art comes in all forms.   Color allows us to express ourselves in many ways. From fantasy expression of an individual's unique style, to displaying your dreams in vivid color on canvas.
I love the use of bright colors to express my artistic style.
I have had some training in the art world, but most of my expression is self-taught. Through experimentation of styles and color, with the use of my favorite acrylic paint, I love to splash color on canvas, spray it with water, manipulate the canvas and watch the color and pattern drip, blend, move and develop into something very unique.  I appreciate the individuality of each piece as it unfolds before my eyes.
My art can be viewed and purchased at for original pieces my contact is 619 929-2910
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