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Legacy Donor

Become a Legacy Donor and

add Mt. Helix Park to your will.

Planned Giving

One way to make a lasting gift is through Planned Giving.  Remembering the Park with a bequest is an easy way to help serve as a steward of the Park for a future generation.  Although an attorney needs to set up the specific giving instrument, the following wording can be helpful.

Proportional Bequest

 "I give to the Mt. Helix Park Foundation (tax id 33-859352) an amount equal to _____% of the total value of the assets of my estate, whatever that amount shall be at the time of my death."

Specific Bequest

"I give to the Mt. Helix Park Foundation (tax id 33-0859352), the sum of  $____ or (all my right, title and interest in the following described property_____)."

Contingent Bequest

"In the event that __________ (name of wife, son, daughter, brother...) shall not survive me, then I give ________ (name specific assets) to the Mt. Helix Park Foundation (tax id 33-859352)."


Please contact Executive Director, Krista Powers, at or (619) 741-4363 if you have made or plan to make a gift of this type.

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