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If you have additional questions
please contact us at (619) 741- 4363.

1. Determine if the cost (security, restrooms, parking attendants, shuttles, etc.) are within your budget. Contact the Park for your copy of our Wedding Packages.  We will email you a copy of the Wedding Packages, along with our Park Use Application and Rules and Regulations.

2. Check the calendar to see if your proposed date is open. Email with questions.

3. If you decide you would like to have your event at Mt. Helix Park, fill out the Park Use Application and  Park Rules and Regulations, and return them to us via email, or mail them to Mt. Helix Park Foundation at 4901 Mt. Helix Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941.   We will contact you to confirm your date and to secure a deposit.  Once we receive your deposit and paperwork, your date will be reserved.

4. Decide who will be coordinating the event (the bride is not recommended).



1. Choose a coordinator carefully.

  • Not a member of the bridal party or parent

  • Professional

  • Friend not in the wedding party

  • Relative not in the wedding party

2. Be in the Park from approximately 2 hours before the wedding until clean-up is complete.

3. Make a list of their specific duties and responsibilities.

Below are some factors to consider:

  • Coordinate the arrival of vendors and supplies to the desired location.

  • Ensure that only preauthorized wedding vehicles park in the upper parking lot.

  • Allow only wedding party members to access the gate and driveway that goes up to the cross.

  • Facilitate the shuttle bus at both ends.

  • Make sure that the parking attendants are present in the lower lot.

  • Coordinate and assist in the clean-up of event.

4. Have a cell phone to contact vendors, wedding party members, and to be a contact person the day of the wedding for the Foundation.

Preferred Vendors
Partnering with quality, local vendors for your event is an important part of what we offer.
Currently we have four vendors who we recommend.

Brigantine Restaurant

Following a glorious ceremony at the summit, take your wedding party down to the private room at the Brigantine for a celebratory repast that will be a perfect fit for this important event.

Terra Catering

is helmed by award winning Chef and cookbook author Jeff Rossman who is a pioneer in

the sustainable and local food movement and is committed to pairing great food with great service. Chef

Jeff and his catering staff will work with you to create a one-of- a-kind event suited to your style, taste

and budget. From intimate cocktail parties to elegant weddings and fundraisers, we approach each

event with extraordinary care and attention to every detail.

Celebrate with Birds

couples have the option of adding a beautiful dove release as part of their wedding package. These doves bring a unique and enchanting moment to the special day.


In the age of Instagram everyone thinks they are a photographer but if you want a pictorial remembrance of this special day that is both contemporary as well as classic, look no further than Blair X. Golden.



The small parking lot at the top of Mt. Helix is not adequate for vehicles of event attendees unless it is a very small ceremony. It is recommended you reserve the upper lot for the wedding party and disabled guests with no more than eight cars. The upper lot will be reserved for your guests during all ceremonies but the lower lots and the Park itself are still available for public use during ceremonies unless you have reserved the Park with the Crown Jewel Package. Vehicle parking is not allowed on the roadway around or adjacent to the Park by County ordinance. Therefore, all organizers/users of the Park for permitted events must instruct their invited attendees to park personal vehicles in the two large parking areas at the base of the mountain, (known as the "lower lots") and then be shuttled to and from the top of the mountain by private vehicles or commercial shuttles. The large, lower parking lots are located at the intersection of Mt. Helix Drive and Vivera Drive. Two parking lot segments, a small lot north of Vivera Drive and the large segment on the south side of Vivera Drive on which the fire station is located, are Park property, and both are specifically designated for parking vehicles of those attending Park events.

Set Up

There are two locations for weddings: the Amphitheatre and the Cross. The number of guests can affect your choice of locations. The Cross accommodates 150 attendees or fewer. The Amphitheatre accommodates virtually an unlimited number of attendees (plus, there is room for 160 seats in the orchestra pit at the foot of the Amphitheatre). Other selection considerations:

  • The Cross is optimal for sunset or sunrise views.

  • The Amphitheatre is more protected from the wind.

We recommend that you visit the Park in person before deciding the best location for your wedding. Views of previous event setups can be reviewed in adjacent photos.  Please note that packages do not include set up and breakdown fees.  Set up and break down of all Park rentals is the responsibility of the applicant unless specific arrangements are made.


There are no permanent restroom facilities located on Park property. A single portable unit is on site but additional portable restrooms must be rented for outside sponsored events. Park-sponsored eventswill have portable restrooms available.


Receptions can be held as part of the Crown Jewel Wedding Package (Package only includes Park facilities. All food, drink and decorations are coordinated by the wedding party.) They can take place at the Cross or Amphitheatre depending on the number of attendees.

  • There is no water available but there is electricity available in the amphitheatre and at the Cross.

  • It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to ensure that all event-related trash be taken out of the Park at the conclusion of the event.

  • Consider weather implications (rain, clouds, fog, heat, cold) for your event.

  • Alcohol is prohibited with the exception of wine and beer served by licensed caterers with the prior permission of the Foundation.

  • Vendors should be advised of the nature of the event, and the special requirements that the Park presents.

  • Receptions must be concluded before sunset.

  • There are two drinking fountains at the Amphitheatre, but no water service outlet or waste water drain outlet.

  • All trash and waste (including waste water/beverages) must be removed from the Park by the event sponsor in their own container(s) within one hour after the event is concluded. Disposable cardboard trash cans are recommended. All trash should be bagged and carried away, since the trash cans in the Park are reserved for use by the public, we suggest that the event coordinator assign the task to a specific individual with access to a truck.

Electric Service

Electric service connections, including outlets at the Cross area, can be arranged upon request.

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