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We study proposals. First you need to understand that high-quality housing in such a price range is not always found. Then we come to the understanding that with such a budget we will buy a house of 150-180 m2 with a plot of 6-10 acres twenty kilometers from the city. BUT!

The usable area in such a house will be 100-130 m2, since it has a lot of technical rooms, under-stair space, under-roof meters. What have we gained as a square? Many will say: “The plot, the area is larger than in an apartment, and life in nature!”.

Good. Let's write down. Now let's compare life with children in a country house and in an apartment.

Countryside villages are not always provided with infrastructure.

Outside the city, it is not always possible to find a quality school and a kindergarten. Calling a doctor to a private house in the Moscow region is a whole story. But the family does not live by school and garden - children need developing leisure. In many suburbs of large cities, this is a problem.



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