Friend of the Park 2018 Donors


Thank you to our 2018 Friends of the Park.   These individuals and businesses have made gifts to the general fund which covers essential costs such as landscaping, insurance, water, staff and other expenses that keep Mt. Helix Park a vibrant part of our community.  Your support matters! 
Preservation Society Members ($5000 & up)

Mark and Maria Allan

Ross and Lillian Bond

Ron and Mary Alice Brady
Cliff and Susan Clifford
Gale Fisher
Eric and Babs Fletcher
Norm and Valerie Hapke

Jack Lentz
Joe and Alice Smith
Bert and Leigh Tuckey

Alan and Jennifer Westermeyer

1925 Society Members - ($1925 to $4999)

Kristine Alessio
Mark and Maria Allan
Bob and Kimberly Bardin
Ross and Lillian  Bond, Jr.
Dale and Carolyn Cartier

Bank of Southern California

Tony Divita
Mary Harker Fletcher
David and Sharon Grundstrom
Robert and Elke Hagge

Dianne and Don McCann

Joe and Alice Smith
Don and Melissa Teemsma

Trail Blazers - ($500 to $1924)

Dale and Carolyn Cartier

Stan and Tina Marie Cheslock
Nancy Leigh-Fisher
Guy and Laurie Halgren
Willis and Jane Fletcher Family Fund
R.D. Hamann Family Fund
John Grasberger and Eva Good
Guy and Laurie Halgren
John and Vickie Harris
Neal and Claudia Hicks
Jack Lentz

Patricia Mahoney
Peggy Matarese
Dianne and Don McCann
Vincent and Kay McGrath
Molly and Rey Nocon
Jim ODonnell
Michael Bishop and Laurie Orange
Ralph and Marcia Peterson
Susan Randerson

San Diego Gas & Electric
Dr. Gary and Ruth Simpson
Don Teemsma
Eloise Thomas
Rose Walters, Helix Yoga
Kathleen and Marty White
Virginia Wofford

Business Patrons ($250 to $499)

Brian Asbury DDS
Susan and Charles Bradley
Stephan Gillespie
Charlie Bradley and Susan Laurel
Richard Mellien
Kathleen and Cameron Jay Rains
Jerry and Betty Rivaldi
Joe and Alice Smith
Herman Snodgrass
Virginia Wofford

Naturalists ($100 to $249)

Harry Albers

Marti Albrecht and Steve Spire

Kristine Alessio

Dean Allen

Lorey Baldwin

Christopher and Pamela Barclay

Tina Barton

Robert J. Basso

William and Joyce Beacom

Robert Becker

​Ruel and Carol Bench 

Paul and Gloria Benitez

Yeshi Bezuneh and Solomon Tadesse

Thomas and Donna Bloomer

Mario Bonapace

Jo Ann and Brad Boswell

David Beck and Laurie Brown

Eileen Buttner

Harvey and Catherine Carrick

Randy and Claudia Erickson

Dr. Jack and Pam Curren

Janice Dagley

Clarence Daub

Katherine Drew

Aaron and Beth Duggan

Marion Eggertsen

Dr. Charles and Gloria Eller

Terry and Mary Fabienne Hanks

Richard and Nancy Fassett

Daniel Findlater

Bonnie Fletcher

Don and Leona Flowers

Shannon Fogg
John Gardner

Paul and Sandy Golden

Gregg and Debra Hamann

Mike and Caroline Harrod

Robert and Maria Holaday

Gregory P. and Mary L. Hopkins

Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson

Laurence and Carolyn Kaiser

Thomas and Julie Karlo

The Keithly Family

Mary Kirk

Gretchen and John Kramer

Stephen and Patricia Konold

Raymond and Barbara Lee

Michael and Mindy Lewis

Paul Liederman, M.D. and Nini D. Bedoy

Frederick W. Lindblom, D.D.S.

Charlie and Norma Lucey

Lynn Lyons

Del Lisk

Paul and Emily Martin

Marcello Mastrocola

John and Becky McMullen

Kevin McQuillen

Kathryn and Gretchen Morrison

Michael and Cary Murphy

Rachel Nelson

Myrtle Niesley

Beverly Papas

Damien A. and Nicole Peters

David and Sandra Polster

Peter H. Pickslay and Denise Botticelli
Mike and Moncia Powell

Garyanne Prince

Christopher and Elizabeth (Betsy) Quinn

Craig and Jacqueline Madsen

Herbert A. and Margarite Margerum

​Chris Naire

Alan Peterson

John and Linda Quinn

John B. and Valerie Richardson

Alvin and Rose Marie Rosa

Richard and Jo Ann Russ

Paul and Mary Russo

Michelle Schmidt

Janice Sena

Alan and Linda Shaw

David Shaw

Jerry and Agnes Smith

Forrest and Marlene Sterling

Bob Johnson and Tracey Stotz

Dr. Cyndi Sutton

Ronald and Marilyn Svalstad

Jeff Swiney

Robert and Nita Swisher

Eloise Thomas

Richard and Mary Tibiatowski

Dennis and Sandia Tuttle

Brent and Susan Yoder

Daniel and Mary Zamudio

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Programs and Community Events

Sapling Members ($35 to $99)

Richard and JacquelineBechtel



Barney and Mary LouMoore

Bill and GeriSherlock

Richard and SallySweet

Konrad and StephanieBoekamp

Daniel and MicheleJarosin


Michael RayBatson

Thomas and DonnaBloomer

James and GeralynBollman

Brian and MonetDesrosiers

Rick and WhitneyDuenez

Craig A. and Angela D.Fisher

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome L.Heard


Robert and SherryMcElroy


AlfredPagano and Susan Tyler

Mike and MaryQualls


John R. and Diana V.Trunick III

Bob Hasselbrink and Signevon Verdo


LindaBridgeman Smith


Tom Cabral and VeronicaGarcia

Elizabeth Reed and DanielGowrys

Radu and AmberAlexandru

Forest and KathyAllen



Richard and MarthaApplegate

Carlos and ClaireArias

Ryan and Karibia Baillargeon

Elizabeth Barber

Craig Beach

Chris and Deborah Beason

Rosemary Bentley

Galen and Sheryl Boone

Robert and Chloe Bradshaw

Joe Brennan

Mike and Annie Briney

Matt Browne

Diana Brulay

Ken Bullock

Robert and Dottie Carne

Simon and Lisa Chapman

Chuang Chu

Chris and Korin Claisse

Terry and Pamela Coe

Ronald and Phetsamay Crites

Jack and JimerDeVries

Amanda Dickson

Stephen and Cherry Dimeff

Thomas Mary Dressel

Marilyn D. Dukas

Bob and Debra Emerson

Anne Erdman

Terri Fitzgerald

Thomas Fletcher Hawk

Joe Forehand

Kurt and Jennifer Fryling

James Glasser

Kristyn Gomes

Jerry Goss

Paul and Pamela Grisafi

Anthony Harbone

Bernie and Marjoree Hartman

Richard S. "Scott" and Deanna M. Herrod

Jaqueline Hollywood

Mary Holmes

Julie Jessop

Patricia M. Kettler

Gary and Cindy Rambis King

Kenneth and Bonnie Lange

Nadia Mahalingham

Constance Miller

Marie Miller

Marie Mixon

Paul and Sharon Nold

Dan and Roz Oserin

Terry and Collette Parr

Krista Powers

David and Marlette Seward

Andrew B. and Julie Smith

Donald and Patricia Smith

Veronika Spagnolo

Don and Karen Stewart

Joe and Linda Sullivan

Terry L. Casey and Gary C. Toma

Steve and Bonnie Turner

Jeff and Lisa Uniacke

Steve VanSickler

Alfonso and Ennquita Villegas

Kurt and Susan Vozely

Robert and Laura Walker

Kjersti Williams

M. Brian and Charlene Yale

David and Kimberly Zierman

Nick Zundel