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Volunteers Make the Park a Success

Become a Volunteer Today!

Without the efforts of our extraordinary volunteers, Mt. Helix Park could not survive. Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of our events, program, maintenance and keep the Park Foundation moving forward. Thank you to all of the volunteers that keep us going!

Quarterly Habitat Days

Join us four times a year for habitat work! From 9:00 am until 12:00 pm enjoy gardening and helping maintain the intricate ecosystem that Mt. Helix calls home. Dates will be posted on our social medias, website, and newsletters.


The Adopt-A-Habitat program, launched in 2015, partners people with the park in order to restore and preserve California's native habitat. With the help of an ever-growing team of conservation volunteers the park flora and fauna are being revived and the native landscape restored. The park is broken up into 45 "adoptable" sections that the volunteer(s) will maintain. 

habitat pic.jpg

Food and Wine Festival

The Park's annual gala is one of the most cherished events and Mt. Helix Park. Attended by more than 750 people each year, it features local restaurants, musicians and artists along with fine wines, craft beer and dancing under the stars. This festival raises more than half of the Park's annual operating expenses. All proceeds from this event go to support the Foundation's mission to keep the Park clean, safe and open to the public every day fo the year. 

From set up, parking, data entry, to day of volunteers; we have many opportunities for each individual.

Event Volunteer

Each year the park holds a variety of events such as Astronomy Night, Nature Day, Sunrise Easter Service and many more. These events have a vast variety of volunteer opportunities that anyone can showcase their strengths within. Come join the fun and volunteer for your favorite event! 

Join our amazing team and volunteer today!

Volunteer Contact:

Mary Kirk
Park Office: (619) 741-4363
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