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Astronomy Night

2022 Park Member Event

2022 San Diego Astronomy Association Astronomy Night

2022 Park Member Event

Free tickets are available for Park members for this unforgettable evening of star gazing atop Mt Helix Park.  One of only a handful of nights the Park is open to guests. Come and join The Mt. Helix Park Foundation and the San Diego Astronomy Association for this year’s event, Saturday November 5.  Details are available for ticket holders.

Each year event organizers collaborate to bring stargazers a unique opportunity to view the night sky from one of the most beloved viewpoints in all of San Diego County.  We invite viewers to witness the cosmos through high-resolution telescopes provided by SDAA members. Scheduled dates typically align with one or more astrological phenomenon making the experience one to remember.  Visit the San Diego Astronomy Association's website for more information at You can access last year's livestream event on YouTube at

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