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Train to become one of
Mt. Helix Park's official habitat restoration team members.

About the program

As an Adopt-A-Habitat volunteer, you and your family/team members can be part of the habitat restoration efforts by helping us  rid the Jewel of East County of invasive mustard weed and other non-native plants that are threatening the native habitat within the Park.

Since the group's formation in the fall of 2015, volunteers have adopted more than half of the Park's 12-acre footprint and helped rid the landscape of a large portion of the invasive weeds resulting in a healthier population of indigenous plant life and an increase in habitat for the local insects and animals that rely on them.

The Adopt-A-Habitat program strives to educate volunteers about abatement techniques and how to identify native versus invasive plants so that participants can volunteer either independently or during regularly scheduled workdays and so that they can bring their love for California native plants into their own gardens.

To register for the Adopt-A- Habitat program, contact, or call the Park office during office hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at (619) 741-4363.

For more about the Park's Habitat Restoration Group click here.

Fall is the planting season for California native plants. Sign up now to become an Adopt-A-Habitat volunteer and learn about planting with natives.

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