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This country/rock and roll band is made up of a small group of guys that either had or still have a full career in some form of the construction trades with more than a strong interest in their advocation; playing instruments and making music. Three are fully retired for them full careers and two are still working in theirs. A few have always dabbled in music groups throughout their working career by either playing with other friends, whether for fun or for a band or at their churches; others played or rehearsed as time allowed in the privacy of their own homes while they helped raise their families.


Thorough a series of coincidences, but more through a strong desire to fulfill their wish to play music, efforts were made to connect with other musicians. These efforts have resulted is a mature music group that has a wide variety of music interests from George Strait, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Don Williams, Dwight Yuokum, Johnny Rivers, Tom Petty, John Fogerty (CCR), Neil Diamond, The Mavericks, and Garth Brooks, The Beatles, The Ventures and The Rolling Stones to name a few. Their diverse interests are too far reaching to categorize into one limited genre or music style. They’re just like you, they love music and like to crank it up on occasion!


Where their focus is performing many of the old country standards, they also like mixing their sets up with 60’s and 70’s Rock and Roll favorites too. The focus is hopefully to inspire folks to enjoy themselves and sing along, snap their fingers, clap their hands and hopefully dance.


The TRADESMEN are made up of the following members:

Mike Garcia – Drummer/vocals: Retired - 35 years with SDG&E and a high voltage lineman.

Ed Johnson - Keyboard: Retired - 25 years at AT&T

Steve Aston - Lead guitarist/vocals: 25+ years experience and still working in the flooring industry

Barry Schwartz – Bass/vocals: Retired - 25+ years as a mechanical engineer.

Ed Suhay – Rhythm guitar/vocals: 17 years in water utilities and last 15 years (currently working but looking forward to retiring in the near future) as a licensed electrician.


The TRADESMEN are very proud and honored to be selected as a part of the music for the 2019 “heart of MT. Helix Festival” as they are all from the community or its surrounding communities. They  are looking forward to be playing in the shadow of the iconic Mt. Helix Cross.


See them on August 10th, 2019 at the Cross!

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