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Ceanothus spinosus or Greenbark California Lilac

Ceanothus spinosus (Spiny Mountain Lilac
Ceanothus flower.jpg

Ceanothus spinosus or Greenbark California Lilac is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 13 feet with light blue, fragrant flowers that cover the bush between March to May. The Ceanothus is one of the most spectacular, fragrant California native plants occurring at the Park and larger populations can be seen throughout East County. While Ceanothus are drought tolerant and can live for as long as 30 years, the Park lost all but one of its mature specimens due to prolonged, severe drought, but is home to a number of newly planted varieties. Witness the blooms of the surviving mature Ceanothus just over the northern edge of the amphitheater stage in the spring.

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